Year I

In Year 1, for children of 5 years of age, the curriculum builds on the Reception programme in the following areas:

• Literacy

Your child will continue to expand on their knowledge of phonics and will probably surprise you with how quickly they develop their reading and writing skills.

• Mathematics

Children will continue to build on their mathematical knowledge, learning about practical mathematics, number pattern function, space, shapes, measurement, sequence correspondence, addition, subtraction, fractions and time.

• Arts & Design

• Science

Learning about nature and power, experimenting, observing, classifying, recording and testing.

• History & Mythology

• Geography

• Physical Education

• Music

• Greek

Children are introduced to the Greek language learning the Greek alphabet and syllable recognition as well as learn about ancient Greek history and mythology. Typical Cultural events are celebrated along with visits to cultural centres and museums.

Upon completion of Year 1, children are fully prepared for their transition to Year 2 of the British schools, 1st grade in the International schools, or the 1st Demotic in the Greek School.

Our school is fully recognised by the Ministry of Education so that at the end of the last year, all children have the certification you need to enter the Greek Demotic School and all International Schools.

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