Extracuricular Activities


All children regardless of natural ability can learn and enjoy dancing. Emphasis in the ballet class is placed on Creative movement to help develop coordination musicality, rhythm concentration and supplements. These sessions will inspire and give the opportunity to children to become creative and have fun whilst learning the basic movements needed in more advanced ballet classes. It is a gentle and enjoyable introduction to the world of ballet dance and grace.


Children are born with a natural predisposition for water. The earlier they become acquainted with water the quicker they will learn to swim.
Swimming lessons take place in the Swimming Centre of the Olympic Stadium taught by specialized swimming instructors.


Through kids yoga lessons, we explore positions breathing and relaxation techniques throught play. We travel to faraway destinations and bring fairy tales to life. We express ourselves, play and relax but at the same time increase our flexibility and improve our body posture, within a team spirit and sense of mutual respect.

Sports Club

Children become for the first time little athletes trying our classical games and sports that range from disc throwing relays high jump etc to being introduced to more modern group sports such as football basketball and tennis.


Our drama club is a fun class full of acting singing and dancing creating many plays and musicals reveals the positive impact of drama on children's physical emotional social and cognitive development drama helps children think creatively encourages to work collaboratively develops communication skills and prepares children to understand real life


Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art with a philosophical and symbolic character.Apart from being a self-defense martial Art, Taekwondo is an extremely interesting Olympic sport based on a values system that accompanies the athlete for his whole life.

A fun way for those boys and girls that wish to enhance their concentration build a healthy body develop their well-being improve their ability to focus and of course sharpen their minds and way of thinking.

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