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The “Flopsy Bunnies Playgroup“ member of the Preschool Learning Alliance U.K is an international Preschool and Kindergarten based on British and American approaches and techniques.

The preschool began in 1990 in a small way and over the last years we have been able to maintain the original familiar atmosphere where children of different nationalities cultures and religious backgrounds, learn to live and work in harmony.

Our policy is to keep classes small so each child receives individual attention and is encouraged to reach his or her full potential.

The Language of instruction is English. Children who are non-speakers learn English in a happy and relaxed way. The preschool is situated in the area of Halandri in an attractive small building spacious, clean, bright, vibrant and colourful decorated specifically for the preschooll child, fully equipped with all the necessary fundamental materials.

The preschool experience is the most important foundation for a child’s future learning attitude. The Flopsy Bunnies Playgroup is a special children’s world.

Our philosophy is that the prime motivation for children’s early learning is their own joy in life and the pleasure they gain from the experiences.

Our program is based on the whole child approach. Our environment is designed to encourage and facilitate growth in all areas of development social, physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional. We believe that children learn through play and interaction with their environment. We provide a variety of activities, experiences and programs which are developmentally appropriate and planned to meet the children’s needs and to allow each child to maximize his/her individual potential within a group setting.



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